JMS Products Inc. was the original designer and maker of the Mustang Retro C-pillar kits, Grille kits, Fox wide body quarter panels, Targa Kits, and the Hidden Sleeper Turbo concept which began a new era for the Custom Mustang. JMS began as a modest start up with one single hand-made car grille in 2001 and quickly grew to over 60 products within 4 product lines based on demand one product, one car, - one satisfied customer at a time which was our core business. JMS created the first ever Targa Mustang and each design, part model, mold and final part was made 100% by hand. JMS hand-formed all model parts, created over 50 parts molds, hand-made thousands of grilles, thousands of individual fiberglass parts, completed several unique projects and show winners over a 5 year period. JMS offered full parts warranties, sponsorships, 12 month 0 % financing, and project discounts. Our main motivation was to do what hadn't been done before and give fellow enthusiasts something to set them apart from the crowd or win that national show of which many did. Our dedication to the enthusiast fueled our growth to an International level within 4 years.


2013 NMCA/NMRA True Street Champion - Joliet IL 8.8sec 160mph

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Just a few of the many thousand JMS Products / Ironman customer cars

(Some custom paint and modifications were performed by others and JMS Products Inc. / IronMan Custom)

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Examples of Parts Modeling

 It started with a concept then utilizing a stock part or mold cast from a stock section like the roof and quarter panels then modified and/or was hand formed using various materials like high density foam and aluminum.  It was usually a four step process which was very time consuming to create a final part and part mold. Then molds needed to be manually replicated for multiple part creation. Once a mold was made, a fiberglass part could be formed in about 15 minutes depending on the size and complexity, trim edges, let cure, pull from molds then hand finish each part and epoxy in mounting bolts using a jig with lasers indicating the exact bolt locations.  Each part was then physically and visually inspected then test fitted and packed for shipping. Each part took several days to complete before it was ready to be shipped.  Preproduction parts were  flexural and impact tested which allowed us to produce lightweight semi flexible parts which could withstand the impact of  a 20lb sledgehammer swung with the intent to destroy the part.


Initial Prototype 60mm turbo T3/T4 Dynod 340 RWHP at 8psi with 42lb/hr injectors, 2.5 inch tubing and a conservative tune on a stock bottom end 2V 4.6 Mustang GT AOD with stock throttle body and offered a very smooth flat torque curve and virtually no turbo lag. It utilized its own cold oil supply, the rocker mounted intake tubing acted as the intercooler and the overall operating and intake temperature was far below that of a traditional header mounted system. Tuning was performed by Crazy Horse performance with the assistance of Jobe of Turbo People.  Our next step from testing was to increase exhaust and intake tubing diameter to 3" and increase throttle body size for 400RWHP at 8psi on the stock block.

Prototype Custom 1000 HP 76mm Turbo 03 Cobra sleeper project with full 3"-4" tubing flowing to the existing supercharger housing which had its internal rotors removed and ported then reassembled to serve as the intake plenum.

Retro C-Pillar Kits and Grilles

Original C-pillar panels were  1 piece custom one offs which were top laid 9oz knit fiberglass over positive molds which had an integrated functional scoop and each set took 8 -10 hours to make.  As demand grew JMS switched over to 1 piece negative molds where the scoop and panel were one.  Wanting to return to the original functional scoop while increasing efficiency, 2 piece negative molds were made in which any scoop style could be attached to the base panel.  This allowed  20 sets or more to be produced by hand in 8-10 hours if needed.

All Grilles were hand formed utilizing wood templates to attain the basic shape. Each wood template was created from a paper template from various vehicles. Final finishing was done by hand with hand shears and seamers.  Each grille had a protective rubber  border and was test fit before shipping. 



Subframe support was mandatory and a 6 point cage was always recommended for ultimate rigidity as removing the roof trusses essentially made a coupe a modified convertible.  This was a custom retro fit water resistant kit that was not intended for daily beaters, ultra low cars with clearance issues, car washes or heavy rains.  The JMS mustang has over 50k miles with a subframe only supported targa and any myths of the car folding, U joint issues, sagging windshield or any other structural issues other than minor body flex has been experienced. 

The latest version of the Gen II system used flexible mounts vs fixed mounts for the Gen II top as initially produced so the top could  float on the weather stripping yet remain locked tight.  This modification can be accomplished by removing the fixed mounts entirely and only utilize the rubber grommets mounted in the front and rear endcaps. A front center mounted high speed safety was also added as air pressure with the windows closed in excess of 100MPH air pressure would draw the center of top upward slightly as the tops were designed to be dynamically flexible.  This can be accomplished while the top is on by drilling a hole through the front horizontal support plate of the removable top and the front endcap at the same time and inserting a 3/8" threaded bolt of your choice. It is important to keep the grommets lubricated and the slide pin shafts greased (bearing grease). 

Fox Wide Body Kit

These quarters added 2.5 inches of wheel well clearance and offered a clean OEM look that seamlessly blends into the existing body lines. Each panel only weighed 2.5 lbs.

 Standard width prefit in a 1/2 hour shown below and ready for final install using panel bond and blend.  Wheel well alteration was required for most wide tire / low set ups as shown below.

Custom wide body prototype twin turbo system mid installation shown below which required extensive modifications to the stock rear quarters panels to mount the turbos and wheel well alteration for wider /larger rear tire clearance.



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Pre-bent Aluminum Tubing

Mandrel Bent and straight Tubing...Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel